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Independence, Integrity, Ingenuity

We provide our clients with cloud based Order Management, Portfolio Management, Risk management and reporting solutions.  These products enable managers to grow assets under management and control operational and regulatory costs.

Our technology consolidates and manages data across multiple asset classes, funds, accounts, traders, prime brokers and custodians in a single integrated platform. Implementing our technologies allows investment managers to make informed decisions and manage their risk.  All of our applications are built on top of a robust FIX engine. Market data, tax lot data and real time trades are aggregated so the investment manager has real time reporting, transparency, exposure and P&L analytics at his or her fingertips wherever he or she is.

Our technologies mirror the book of records of prime brokers to provide shadow accounting to our clients.  This allows them the independence and freedom to select the best counter parties for their business.  Since we serve as a data warehouse for historical P&L and performance, we can offer our clients a host of risk, performance and analytic reports.

By taking advantage of technology our “web-based” deployment couples ease-of-use with mission critical data delivered to the portfolio manager on either the desktop, laptop, tablet or iPad.  It encompasses Order Management and Portfolio Management for the investment manager or fund that requires these applications, but also needs to build assets under management.  Portfolio managers need the elegance and ease of reporting without the back office cost of ownership entailed with a larger system.  

North Street Global Technology:

Nirvana, NAV Suite*, ReportAgent*, Bloomberg, Markit, CTI, Money.net

*North Street Global Proprietary Technology