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N-Port is a new monthly portfolio reporting form that requires funds to file portfolio-wide and position-level holdings, quantitative risk metrics data, terms of each derivatives contract, securities lending transactions information, and counterparty exposure data.  The new reporting requirements are part of an effort to capture key information about a fund’s investment practices on a more frequent basis and in a format that allows the SEC to better aggregate and analyze the data.   North Street Global Fund Services provides clients with complete and cost-effective reporting services to fully meet the distinct risk and data requirements for N-Port reporting. 

Key Service Features:

  • Complete Solution – fully meet all of a fund’s N-Port challenges and requirements
  • Most Cost-Effective – North Street Global Fund Services N-Port solution is superior and less expensive than an in-house effort or any external vendor solution
  • Extensive Risk Experience – seasoned team of risk management practitioners with 25+ years of experience
  • Leading Regulatory Reporting Software -- we utilize leading regulatory reporting software to aggregate a fund’s portfolio holdings data specific to the N-Port report, including:
                - Quantitative Risk Metrics data
                - Derivatives Contracts’ terms and characteristics
                - Liquidity, Pricing, and Fund Flows
                - Counterparty Exposure

  • Regulatory Interpretation/Assumptions – guidance on interpretation, assumptions and methodologies of N-Port questions
  • Regulatory Audit Trail – development and/or enhancement of fund’s N-Port “Bible” (i.e. N-Port policies, procedures and regulatory audit trail)
  • Independent Review and Check – evaluation, review and check of a fund’s filing before submission to the SEC ensure there are no “red flags”